All can participate in the Armchair Fundraiser!

The armchair fundraiser is our primary fundraiser of the year. The idea of the armchair fundraiser is that instead of the common door-to-door selling of products, devoting much time, energy, and resources while making a small profit margin, the armchair fundraiser allows for you to donate money directly to the PTA with 100% of your contributions going directly to the PTA and back into the school!  ALL CONTRIBUTIONS are 100% tax deductible. Simply complete the Armchair donation form  and you can contribute in one of three ways:
1. A check written out to the ICES PTA and sent in with your child,
2. Send in a cash contribution with your child, OR
3. donate through Paypal.
We thank you in advance for your donation so that we can continue to enhance our students’ educational experience!



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