School Supply Kits

Get a head start on the 2020-21 school year by pre-purchasing your child’s school supplies!


Your child’s teacher has identified the personal and community school supplies needed for a successful year. In cooperation with the Island Creek PTA, Campus Survival Kits has assembled a Kit of all necessary supplies for one low price! Avoid the stores and get all the supplies you need!

  • You’ll receive a complete set of the exact supplies identified by your child’s teacher. All brands, sizes, colors and styles have been designated by your child’s teacher.
  • Your child’s personal supplies will be delivered in a custom Island Creek Elementary drawstring backpack. (delivery will be made to the school in August. Alternate arrangements will be made in the case of extended distance learning)
  • The items identified as community supplies (tissues, wipes, etc.) will be delivered directly to your child’s teacher for easy collection and storage.
  • Your child’s personal supplies will be pre-labeled per the specific instructions provided by the teacher (if applicable).


  • Based on the number of students who purchase a Kit, your child’s school will receive FREE refills on select items in January. That means the more parents who purchase a Kit now, the fewer requests parents will receive for more supplies during the year!

Kit Pricing Pre-K: $55 Kindergarten: $60 1st grade: $60 2nd grade: $62 3rd grade: $63 4th grade: $63 5th grade: $51 6th grade: $45


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